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Private Session


One on one mentoring sessions with Mandy to build your resilience and improve wellbeing

Group Zooms


Conversations with millennial men run on Zoom facilitated by Mandy

Custom Package

Customised packages and programs to help you reach your personal and professional life goals


Discover what happiness and fulfillment mean to you.

Access the wisdom and strength within you so that you can create a better quality of life now and into the future.

Bring a positive change through self-awareness, self-confidence,
self-compassion and to achieve self-defined goals.

Who I work with:

Many of my clients have been through unnerving changes, or realise that they need to make changes in their lives. I work with people who have...

  • Experienced external changes which have shaken their self-confidence

  • Had relationships that have fallen apart, or have been widowed

  • Changed work significantly, in a way which has become stressful

  • Become stressed from being overly generous with poor boundaries in their professional and private lives

  • Highly empathetic personal traits and find it more distressing than some to see others suffering 

  • Felt that their creativity, skills, and effort has not been valued by others 

  • Turned to soft addictions or addictive behaviour

If you’re ready to start creating the results that you want in all areas of your life, then let’s talk. 


I work with a small handful of clients at a time to ensure you are getting my full attention and awareness.  

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