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about mandy

I mentor men to build wellbeing and resilience skills to increase the level of fulfillment in life.

I am a coach and psychotherapist with a background in law and public policy and management who feels an affinity with Millennial and Gen X Men.


Men who are clever, creative and kind, however, lack the confidence to galvanise their unique skill sets to create success in their personal and professional lives, like all of us, deserve.


They have perhaps felt knocked off course and are finding it hard to find their bearings.


I was raised on a farm on Kangaroo Island off of the coast of South Australia, which was at that time particularly isolated. I saw both the harshness and fragility of life and the consolation that a family and supportive community could bring. I had a tribe of younger brothers, both by birth and circumstance whom I was and continue to be very fond of.


After coming to the city and attending law school I worked in legal research, raised a family, and worked as a Program Coordinator at a Community Centre, on legal compliance and policy at a Government Department and as a  Manager of a Registered Training Authority.

After extensive exploration of the world including the edges of the Black Sea, the Amazon, the Yukon in the time before travel restrictions, I turned my mind and energy towards an issue which had become increasingly close to my heart, after witnessing so many young (and not so young) men struggle to find their way in the world.


Men, who had not had access to some of the advantages of their fathers before them, such as a booming economy, stable employment, low education debt, and entry into an affordable housing market. 

I had become increasingly troubled by the amount of promising young lives that have been lost or not reached their full potential, due largely to the lack of encouragement and support. 


While I applaud the assistance and encouragement which has been granted to young women in more recent years, I sense that young men and their needs have largely been forgotten.


I do not have the training to work with people who are in extreme mental or emotional crisis and encourage anyone who needs immediate and intensive help to reach out to some of the links below for support.


On the other hand, if you feel stressed or overwhelmed and feel that it is time that you had someone watching your back to encourage you to create greater health, vitality, and success in all or specific areas of your life, I encourage you to get in touch.

Book for a 15-20 minute strategy session via Zoom, in which I will do my best to provide strategies which I believe will be helpful.

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